about hello ~ im vea, indigo, or nalia! im 15 south asian punjabi lesbian she he it doll prns and im autistic with dpd and hpd (theres more that you dont need to know about!).

notes only close friends can use she, no they/them, im okay with 'bitch', 'bro', 'dude' but do not call me 'girl', 'sis', 'queen' or anything similar to that. i have a hard time reading tone through text so pls do not be passive aggressive if i literally do not know you. also do not call me a weirdo or freak i will block you with no hesitation.

likes reality shifting, dramas, lesbians, cartoons, cats, sanrio, bedroom pop, coding (to some extent), high fashion, art, fantasy genre, cooking, kpop, anime, videogames, and my friends

twitter priv whi curious cat

byf main/priv req is ok, loona are my number one priority, idc ab bgs except for txt (idm non-moa bg fans following), english is not my first language do not correct me unless i ask, tl > dms, my interests change often, im more active on my priv so i will sometimes be ia for hours on main, i run blockchains and block freely dm me somehow to unblock and i might, i solo stan a lot but im not an akgae, i will not fb if i can tell you didnt read my crd before following.

dni white, cishet, no race or info in profile, -13/19+, kpop over morals, anti loona, constantly putting negative stuff or fanwars on the tl, use idols' appearances as a "drag", spam fancams, like or watch anyone from mcyt, stan skz or suju, believe lesbians can oppress men likers, believe in mspec lesbians, invalidate neoprns, use functioning labels and youre allistic, believe hyperfixations are a valid excuse for stanning weirdos or believe that you can never get over hyperfixations, use the toothpaste flag or just a general weirdo.

music loona fromis wjsn txt aespa, twice, reve, clc, yukika, iu, purple kiss, fx, dia, snsd, kara, hello venus, orange caramel, s.e.s, boa, lovelyz, izone, stayc, sunmi, after school, 9muses, mitski, doja cat, pinkpantheress, willow smith, kali uchis, the nbhd, sza, frank ocean, superorganism, wallows, summer salt, clairo, normani, tinashe, britney, chloe x halle ++

media squid game, girl from nowhere, alice in borderland, sweet home, erased, kakegurui, death note, saiki k, ouran high school host club, fullmetal alchemist, fairy tail, the promised neverland, your lie in april, a silent voice, the garden of words, spirited away, miraculous, adventure time, steven universe, tawog, total drama, ianowt, manifest, cruel summer, life is strange, sally face, little nightmares, acnh, minecraft ++